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Service Packages

CMS is sold only in one copy in one hand.
After the purchase, you become the unique owner of the CMS!

There are no service packages for this product.

Free ready-made cms of an online store

For our customers there are several advantages of buying a free cms. Let's consider some of them:

  1. The development of free cms uses modern and effective tools. Subsequently, this allows you to implement any tasks on the site.
  2. Using cms allows the site owner to independently edit all sections, make changes and add new features to the site.
  3. The site works solely based on new web solutions. This allows not only timely identification of vulnerabilities and errors. But also to eliminate them in a short time.
  4. When developing cms, we aim at ease of use both on the part of the owner and the visitor of the site.
  5. In our cms Frontend and Backend parts are implemented. This means that you get a completely ready site with a implemented design, external functionality and a convenient admin panel.
  6. Thanks to the modern implementation of cms and the hard work of our seo specialists. Sites purchased from us go to the top of search engines faster. And maintain their position despite high competition.

Do not hesitate, download the free CMS for the online store!