Programmer's Day

Programmer's Day

Recently, we often encounter a meme on youtube “Typical Programmer's Day”. All famous Runet bloggers have dedicated more than one video to this meme. We, perhaps, will not just refuse this video shooting, but also criticize a little.

Programmer's day: myths and reality

Firstly, there is no typical programmer day. Maybe the office worker has this day, but certainly not the freelance programmer. You can generally sit all day behind study when there are no orders. Sometimes a week can pass this way.

It so happened: the tasks are either not interesting, or they simply cannot be found. For example, during the New Year holidays, or at the end of August (when everything is on vacation). At these intervals, only regular customers remain who understand that a break for them will be costly. And also appears another type of customers "All at once." Well, they want to create a dozen landing pages for the sale of New Year's accessories, Christmas trees, and of course promote these landing pages. And all this, of course, a week before the new year. 
About a month before the New Year, you are looking for your external screw with a bunch of standard layouts. And in the course of orders, you change the blocks, or just fill in the pictures with winter beauties, suits, toys (everything of course depends on the situation).

Generally speaking, “this is very fun” and probably takes a maximum of an hour a day. And the rest of the time, you either work with regular customers or study. What are we leading to? If someone out there thinks that a programmer is a machine that just does the same thing every day. No!

In our work, it is impossible to find a "typical programmer's day." Because everyone is unique. Even morning rise schedule will depend on yesterday's tasks and when you went to bed.

Programmer's workdays

Secondly, there can’t be a “typical programmer’s day” because of the difference in tasks. Sometimes you spend the whole day at the monitor developing the logic of some application, and the next day you run around behind the components for the home server, because an order has appeared for which you need to deploy a local server. And you, as a kind person, of course last time presented the RAM or CPU to friends. 
The next one after this day is also not “typical”, because there is a setup and setup again, we deploy and make the application.

Perhaps this is the situation: you dig up a “dinosaur” on freelance and work on the platform of the 90s. And that’s all, because the customer did everything in those years and everything works fine to this day, so the upgrade “In no case”. At such moments, you take dusty books off the shelf, because their relevance has passed since 10 years ago.

Thirdly, the logic of this meme is not entirely clear. The video shows the life of an ordinary working person: the road from home, traffic jams, sad faces of employees, etc. How does this situation differ from others? What does programming have to do with it?

Yes, the office show is cool. But why the road from home and back? It would be better to show the tasks that programmers face in projects and how they solve them. Or motivating the programmer to maintain a sports regime. Those who work in this area will especially appreciate this video.

Perhaps we are looking at this meme from the side of a freelancer and therefore everything is so eccentric for us. “Typical Programmer's Day” XA-XA. 

For a person far from programming, our day is very primitive. In their eyes, we sit at the monitor all day, quietly swearing inside myself. From the outside, it probably looks very strange. But from the inside it’s not so. Our world with its own problems and tasks. This is what a “typical programmer day” looks like. The bottom line is that it is not only day, but also night.

Have you ever tried to sit at work until 2–3 a.m., and then go to bed? You can only dream of a normal dream, you will get the same tasks in your head as behind the monitor. And you will lay and solve them in your head! Why is this not shown? They show only how they emptied the coffee machine at work and devoured fast food. Cool typical day!

In general, guys, the day of the programmer is not at all like "typical." Our every day is always something new: discovering ourselves and our skills from a new perspective, new acquaintances and knowledge, opportunities and mistakes. Our every day is an opportunity to prove to yourself (first of all) that you did not choose this sphere of activity for nothing.

In the end, we would like to apologize to the bloggers for criticism. We understand that for you this meme is just a way to make money.

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