Is there a guarantee for the created site?

Is there a guarantee for the created site?

Very often in our work we are asked the question: is there a guarantee for the created site? Can this question be considered correct? Can I give a guarantee on the stability work of the site?

Is there a guarantee for the created site?

We will get answers to these questions if we consider the situation of buying a product about a store: equipment or cars. In which case we are provided with a guarantee? Warranty seals, correct use of products and not a violation of warranty obligations. That is, if we opened and poked around in the product or broke it. No one will give us a new product. It is a fact!

It turns out we are bound by warranty. We can’t just change the software or get into the contents of the TV for an upgrade. This is logical and everyone agrees with this.

So is there a guarantee on the created site? Yes, but on one condition: do not break the seals and do not get into the software. In fact, the site developer can give a guarantee if he is sure that no one is “digging through” the code. But in reality - this means do not give away the admin panel and ftp access. Who will like it? That is why the stability of the site cannot be guaranteed. But not in all cases!

Yii2 guarantee the stable operation of the site

So why are we talking about the Yii2 + guarantee in this article. The fact is that yii2 is a full-fledged project and in its original state it fully fulfills the tasks assigned to it. And besides, all projects completed on this framework are guaranteed to save you from buggy free CMS.

Yii2 website security guarantee

By creating a site on Yii2 you make a wise investment in the safety of the site and its data. All because inside content is visible only to you and the developer. Accordingly, hackers do not have the opportunity to download it to their computer and study all the vulnerabilities.

Of course, can hack everything, no one denies this. But, from hacking novice hackers who are well aware of all the vulnerabilities of free CMS: Opencart, Wordpress, Joomla. The site developed on Yii2 is protected.

So we discussed the first point of the guarantee: the site developed on Yii2 is protected from hacking by novice hacker.

Website optimization on Yii2

The second point of the guarantee for the stability of the site will be a great optimization in comparison with free CMS. We have already discussed this issue earlier in the articles:

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Let's look at our situation using the example of Wordpress. This is initially a platform for creating a blog. Accordingly, collecting an online store on it is not entirely appropriate. Do you agree? In addition, by default, all of these platforms have a set of tools for certain tasks. Since Wordpress is for a blog, it means such tools as commenting, likes, reposts in social networks and so on are implemented in it. But if you have an online store that does not need these functions. It turns out that you have “junk” stored on your site that will not find its application. But, he will interfere with the stable operation of the site!

Website support on Yii2

The third point of the guarantee created site is support. You can always find quality support if your application is written on the framework. I repeat, anyone can download a free CMS, so getting a non-professional support is very likely.

Of course, you will find on the Internet a million people convincing you that Wordpress is a great universal platform. But, not for that reason they convince you, because they themselves know nothing but Wordpress. In the case of the framework, you get a specialist who dedicated much more time to studying the framework 10 times. In addition, he probably studied the documentation, and this is already knowledge of English. Which is a huge plus in his qualifications. Because knowing a foreign language. A huge knowledge tool is open to the programmer. Which you will not meet in the documentation in Russian.

One important truth to remember: Wordpress, Opencart is just a set of tools for implementation. This is not required knowledge of the PHP language. These tools are created precisely so that a person who is not knowledgeable in programming can implement a site.

Although frameworks this is a set of tools, but there is no way to install a module or plug-in to implement functionality in it. Requires knowledge of programming languages and OOP. This is a huge plus! The specialist engaged in the development of sites on Yii2 will not tell you that it is impossible to display the block where you want or something like that. In the case of a site on Yii2, you can implement anything! But this requires knowledge and experience.

"Avaricious pays twice" remember this saying works. And clients work the specialists who have been building their websites for decades on WP, and God forbid will used visual editors. And then they turn to us because they want to get not only guarantees for the creation of the site. But also a high-quality project!

Make the right choice!

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