Freelance: real income or myth

Freelance: real income or myth

Many in our time are increasingly trying to create their own business, giving up office work on the boss. Today we will share with you the experience of our employees and tell you how to start earning money on freelance. And also draw a line between the freelancer and the one who does the coven.

The nuances of working as a freelancer

To begin, let's clarify. Freelancer is not a profession! You can’t take and generalize all people calling them a freelancer. Everyone who works remotely has their own specialization. Also, one cannot name the amount that a freelancer earns - each has his own!

A person who takes tasks from students and performs them at home  can not be compared with a programmer who has left the office and has been working on projects for customers all day.

There are certain facets of understanding: the person who does the test work for students is a person who does the coven. He has his own job, for example in graduate school, but he is engaged in side job. He can not be called a freelancer. It is also impossible to call a builder a freelancer who works for himself all his life.

From this all comes the basic principle - for a freelancer, the main income is working on clients on the web. That is, he receives orders from people whom he may know / do not know personally.

Is there a difference between freelancers?

The big difference between a designer and a programmer. Between a typesetter and a backend programmer. The same difference between the salaries of these specialists. This is not to say that on freelance you can earn $ 2000. Everyone has their own payment for work and it depends on knowledge, skills, experience. All this must be taken into account.

There is a big difference between an office worker and a freelancer. An employee of an office or enterprise can quite afford to have a drink in the evening on the porch. But you will not find a freelancer there, because there is no time. That is the difference. 
Most likely to find a freelancer in the middle of the day in the gym than in the evening on the street.

Now you may recall a familiar designer or developer who walks with you constantly in the evenings until the night. We will not insult anyone now and somehow assert that this person is not a freelancer.
But, we (freelancers) just cannot afford this. First of all, because our customers are mainly businessmen, managers, etc. In general, all freelance customers are people who have a business. Accordingly, when do they have free time to resolve issues? Or earlier in the morning, but most often it is evening - late evening. In addition, there is a difference between time zones in working with customers from abroad, and very often evening is for us, this morning is for them.

From all this we can conclude that the freelancer from our example either does not have orders, or is not a freelancer at all.

Although there is a nuance

When a person works for more than 5 years on freelance, he begins to come to the idea that there is a need for planning and free time. He is already beginning to understand that such charms as free time and personal life must exist. Planning begins with notifying customers that receiving calls and issues that, in the opinion of the customer require urgent implementation, will have to be postponed for working hours.

Our freelancer begins to plan his weekend for his tasks (though the main thing here is not to overdo it). But spending his free time is still not under the porch with beer, because he knows very well how much his time is worth. And perhaps already found out the cost of health. It's not bad to spend so much time in front of the computer, overworking. Therefore, storytellers under the porch with stories about all sorts of earnings on currency exchanges and so on are big greetings. We forget about them; they are not worth our time. I assure you that their earnings are equal to scholarships.

How to start earning on freelance?

So still how to start earning on freelance? Let’s agree, first of all, excluding all kinds of frauds and so on. Secondly, wherever you work, they pay only for knowledge and actions corresponding to this knowledge.

And then it becomes clear that it is necessary to obtain relevant knowledge. They are the main source of large income. People who have the knowledge are able to do well paid jobs. This cocktail is equal to success.

But still, those who simply do the work remain: content managers, clickers. Everyone who is engaged in monotonous work can also earn. But, unfortunately, they earn little. Although they must also have some knowledge. The same content manager must have knowledge of how to write SEO texts, otherwise his work will not last long.

Let's get closer to the answer: is it possible to make money on freelance

The Internet is a community and its rules are no different from the outside world. Everything is the same here - if you are a cool specialist with experience, then you can quite make money on freelance. 
You do not need to make a fairy-tale world from the Internet, it is exactly with the same rules as the rest of the world. There is knowledge and skill - welcome!

Therefore, earning on freelance is not a myth. It is only necessary to possess knowledge and practice. Also, the ability to sell yourself as a specialist will not interfere. After all, every time you receive an order, it’s like you are going through an interview.

As in the outside world, gigantic income can be achieved on freelance. But this is already in gigantic projects.

Therefore, dear, if you are ready for the first years to adapt to freelance. Ready for the loss of personal time, processing, and then to success. Then welcome to freelance!

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