Why use the framework in development?

Why use the framework in development?

What do new technologies in web development dictate to us? The same Google has been working on its JS framework - Angular js for more than 4 years. Half of the applications from it use this framework. Also, there are analogues that allow you to run a web application - spa (single page application).

Why use the framework in development?

1. Security

Most modern framework have excellent default tools for validating, connecting to databases. Even full-fledged solutions for the implementation of api are fully developed, connection security, etc.

2. Expandability

Yes, my dears, remember your wordpress sites that, when installing plugins or some other attempt to expand the functionality, start to load in a minute. In the case of using the framework, we have features that are limited only by the knowledge of the developer!

3. The ability to accompany

I think each of us met more than 20 offers of support by the framework every day. Are they so sad that they require ongoing support? But we used to work according to the scheme - created and forgot.

No! In our market, support requests are determined by the price of develop the platform. The problem is that complete documentation on the framework is available only in English. That is, it turns out to be almost a natural selection for unfinished freelancers who, on every corner, have been screaming all their lives that Wordpress is in the top. Only because his documentation was available to them and understandable as it was translated into Russian. And now with the introduction of frames, they will no longer be able to buy the plug-in for $ 10 and tell customers how tired they are.

Yes, of course, there are enough solutions for the framework, but to put them you need to have the skills. Although most developers write on their own! And the next point comes up from this;

4. Optimization

Due to the fact that the framework from the box is being finalized only under the development requirements. We get an optimized system. After all, it does not have any kind of default slag as in freeshardCMS. It also turns out that it is possible to implement absolutely any design and solutions! And this will not affect the optimization and speed of the site.

5. The load

Due to the ability to control types of database queries, you can always optimize the site and exclude answers for 1-2 minutes from the server. Remember the situation when you go to Wordpress (I really loved it as an example), which is made in a bunch of Wordpress + woocommerce. We apply the sort on the filter and expect, expect, expect. What happened at this time on the server side? Our favorite WP, due to the clumsy construction of the database, begins to use our server with "greedy" data loading to respond to the request. As a result, more than 50% of users simply tried to forget your sites as an excess of the past.

You know, I have no complaints about WP and its developers. They made a great CMS that allows you to create a BLOG! Yes, many will probably be surprised after they were told about the versatility of WP. BUT! This is a platform for building and quickly deploying a blog. Maximum is a corporate site.

Why is this so? This will always remind me of one situation on freelance.

And there were craftsmen. No questions to the freelancer brothers. You only have to raise your ass and take up textbooks for the full development of the technologies that they should already own. But what can I say, I knew people who for 5 years are engaged in creating websites on WP. And it not only corporate or blog. Really so fabulous? No, let's talk a little about the cons.

Cons of using the framework in development

  • Development Price
    No, of course, no one talks about equivalence with C ++ or Java. PHP and JS have always been and will remain where they are in programming. But the price for the work of the "PHP developer" and the WP person is different by 30%. That is, the site that was created earlier for $ 200 will have to lay out ~ $ 300. Indeed, on the frame you will also have a backend (admin panel). And you need more knowledge than with WP;
  • Runet workers
    Finding support will also be more difficult. Because there are clearly more people who work with WP than those who develop on the frame. Because of this, at first the customer will feel some difficulties. But there is a plus in this - it will obviously not be a schoolboy who will subsequently run away from you by taking payment. This is at least a person who is interested in self-development once switched from freeshard to a more complete development.

So what should you choose when developing: a framework or a freeshard? Read about it in our article: What is the difference between a framework and a freeshard?

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