The problem of burnout of freelancers

The problem of burnout of freelancers

Each of us remembers the beginning of our career as a freelancer: a 20-hour day, sleepless nights and, as a result, the first successes and the first problems of burnout.

A few years ago, one of our programmers celebrated the 10th anniversary of freelance. The second specialist is also approaching the date of 5 years. But there is one specialist who has surpassed everyone in our company by celebrating his 20th anniversary in the freelance. What do these dates mean?

First of all, the anniversary even in 2+ years on freelance shows that people not only get acquainted with new technologies (programming languages, frameworks). But more than 700+ days of their lives face the daily question of their productivity. After all, every day is a comparison and analysis with previous days. And the more experience and different technologies you know, the more doubts about productivity appear in your head. Why is this happening?

Problems of distribution of working and free time

The fact is that the main principle of technology development is to do less in order to get more (or as it is also called the 80 by 20 principle). Recall the difference between procedural and object-oriented programming styles. After all, before writing the logic of many objects, we needed to describe it using a procedure. Procedure = action, and the more procedures, the correspondingly more actions were described and more time was spent.

Therefore, every time we open a new book or documentation of a new technology, language, framework. We are getting closer to the idea that before we spent so much time on the same logic that today with the help of new technology is implemented in a couple of lines of code.

A good example would be comparing any language with Python. Indeed, even a simple implementation of a block with a simple indentation already causes some to start a tantrum. Not to mention that now there is no need to end the line with a semicolon.

* Unfortunately, the example that is described above will be clear only to programmers. For a person who is not knowledgeable in information matters, one can compare the difference between mobile phones. Previously, there was a shovel with an antenna. The function of which was only SMS and a call, and now we have the opportunity to take a phone the size of a card, and he can get into the Internet and listen to music.

The problem of burnout of freelancers

It would seem that there is no problem as such. Technologies are simplified and developed, everyone is satisfied and well fed. A student, having studied the documentation, will easily master any programming language (exceptions, of course, assembler - it certainly hasn’t been canceled yet). And in a couple of months he will be able to buy the above phone for the money he earned. But that elderly bearded man, who had studied strictly typed languages ​​in his time and switched from a procedural style to OOP in the eyes of our student, is a “dinosaur”.

But, our bearded man has a problem: the evil thought that he had previously used his time in vain. He did a bad job of getting paid for it.

Because of this problem, God forbid you think of your own futility. Loss of interesting and motivation. In general, the verge of the problem and the outcome are completely individually dependent on the personal qualities of the person.

Basically, this is the wrong planning of personal time. Bearders usually just forget about commonplace things: fatigue, overwork and the need for rest for a person. All this is due to the desire and need to keep up with development. Therefore, we again begin, as at the beginning of our career, to return to 20/7, books and documentation. Forgetting that in this way you can freely come to overfatigue and a breakdown.

The next scenario is complete apathy for development and complete laziness. Bearded man turn into gamers or just lovers of TV shows, etc.

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How does a freelancer deal with burnout

What do we do before starting any project, be it desktop or web? Always before the start of our work you is analytics. We determine the functions of our product, and then proceed to planning.

Why not apply this principle to our lives? Decide what we want, what functions we will perform, and so on. If you want to go from web programming to programming application for PC. Or start development the game, you need to move in that direction!

And then planning. We forget the ambitions at this stage, because it is the ambition that forces us to spend 20 hours reading books, which ultimately leads to overwork. That is why it is necessary to calm your ardor and really evaluate our capabilities in training and development. You have to face the truth. We really are a little “dinosaurs” old and decrepit (if you still worked in the procedural style) and if we do not want to die along with our technologies, it is necessary to develop!

And probably the most important thing that I wanted to say.

Do not stop developing! Do not become those people who use the same technology all their lives! Aren't they ashamed of themselves? All life on one DLE or Wordpress is impossible. You are programmers! Creative person! We must make life easier for ourselves and our users!

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