We give a ready site!

We give a ready site!

Not everyone has the opportunity to order a full implementation of the site on yii2. That is why our team has developed a free CMS for the online store and gives it to you!

Free CMS for online store

Jantrik is a free ready-made cms of an online store. The main goal that we wanted to achieve when developing a free CMS for an online store is clean code and a quick script with full-fledged online store functions. This CMS is able to withstand a load of more than 100,000+ cards of product.

What was implemented (front-end):

  • Full search
  • Sliders on the main page
  • Blocks of new and recommended products for withdrawal on the main
  • Ability to launch promotions in the form of "Hot offers"
  • The ability to add a extra charge to a specific product group
  • Full categories with expandability
  • Full-fledged product card search
  • A full blog with the ability to add an infinite number of articles
  • The ability to create individual brands and categories for them

What was implemented (back-end):

  • Full admin panel
  • The ability to expand functionality using the API
  • Ability to connect any CRM
  • Unique speed on any hosting
  • Full sale of product cards
  • Clean code
  • Expandability
  • Development for seo optimization
  • Optimization for Google pagespeed
  • Ability to use any template for site pages
  • Profile user
  • Multilanguage

Let's do a detailed review of some of the features of the finished online store.

Full admin panel

The administrator’s console is a house in which everything should be convenient, first of all for the owner himself. That is why, developing a free CMS for the online store, we made sure that all the necessary functions were implemented. No extra fields! You will get aesthetic pleasure when working in the admin panel.

Ability to connect any CRM system

Internet entrepreneurs appreciate all the advantages of a CRM system connected to a site. The biggest plus is that your business is not subject to chaos. Using a CRM system, all processes are systematized. You not only manage your personnel, but also record in one place the contacts of the clients with whom you cooperate. Our ready-made, free website has the ability to connect any CRM system.

Clean code

An important factor, which, unfortunately, is neglected by most site owners (and programmers). Professional development of the site on pure code protects it from hacker attacks, hacking of personal data of buyers, etc. Clean site code is approved by search engines. For successful SEO optimization and website promotion it is important to have clean code and then you can take a leading position in search engines.

SEO development

On the SEO website the specialist could easily optimize the content. All necessary fields and functions have been developed.


The free online store is developed in two languages: Russian and English. But you can easily change or add new ones.

Download free CMS website

In our fast-growing time, it is practical to have an Internet resource that will generate income. We suggest you not to miss this opportunity and download a free CMS for the site right now. To do this, follow the link: free ready-made CMS and click the "frontend" button. You will be redirected to the site where you can download the archive of the free site and install on your hosting. If you have any difficulties with the installation - write to us. We are ready to help!

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