Quality website - avoid costly mistakes.

Quality website - avoid costly mistakes.

In this article, we will provide answers to such questions: what does a quality site mean, what are the requirements for the site? Who in the first place can say about the quality of your site?

To answer these questions, you and I need to move a little to the background of all sites. We will return to the time when Html, the standardized web page markup language, was first applied. The world first saw the version of Html 0.9, but it was not so long ago in 1866. It is worth noting that this language was approved as a standard in 1995. That is, the following conclusion can be drawn from this: Html, like all other languages, has its own syntax rules, general rules, etc.

3 rules for a quality site code

  1. High-quality sites are those in which all the rules of the language in which it is created are observed. An exception may be those moments when sections of code of a different version are used for functionality (now very often in Html they use Html5). But despite this, the code must be correct.
  2. The code must comply with w3c validity conditions. But there is one more condition of a quality site, in case of non-observance of this point, this will affect not only the conscience of the programmer, but also the convenience of the user.
  3. The site should be cross-browser (excluding ancient versions of browsers) and adaptive. This rule is very important! Because it affects both the development of the site and the promotion (now this is a mandatory requirement of search engines).

Now I would like to talk about the rule, which is only inside our team! The site should be convenient! If it has dynamic and other sections that will need to be changed by the user himself (there are actually a lot of them). ALL of this must be realized!

What does a quality site mean?

This is a convenient, technically correctly written site, with the possibility of quality promotion in search engines and its development. And of course, this is the site that is convenient not only for the administration, but also for every ordinary user. After all, it is for them that a high-quality website is created!

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