Burnout syndrome for programmers

Burnout syndrome for programmers

And again, closing our eyes once again in an attempt to fall asleep, we watch cartoons in the form of our work and projects. And just before bedtime, the time comes for maximum workability and finding a solution directly for all the tasks that were encountered in the work. And so I want to get up, and again return to solving problems, forgetting about sleep. After weeks of fruitful work, in which we burned down many times, we find that our project has become meaningless. How so? It was an innovation! A familiar situation, right?

Burnout Syndrome: How can a programmer avoid depression?

Burnout syndrome is familiar to almost every programmer. What is happening to us? Where did the incentive, which was at the beginning, go? These brothers are our eternal destiny - burnout, fatigue, stress. And what does it all interchangeably. That is, stress = burnout, fatigue = stress, burnout = fatigue. And this is a vicious circle, which runs our tired, burned out programmer.

Why do programmers burn out emotionally?

What is going on? We don’t do anything like that. Everyone saw the Japanese who spend more than 15-18 hours a day at work and live like this for more than 20 years. Looking at them, you begin to dream about how good it would be to work this way yourself. In this mode, many cool projects could be implemented. Reach new heights in knowledge and application. Of course, each of my friends is truly envious of the industriousness of some peoples. And having worked for more than 5 years in the IT field, with joy and sadness in their eyes, they are changing their work to a lackey.
On the Internet, we found many articles on combating the emotional burnout of programmers. Oh, how many “important” tips there were to deal with stress and fatigue. Sometimes many copywriters tritely copied from each other articles in parts and combined. Let’s take a look at these tips.

How to be a programmer when burnout?

• do things you like;
• do physical exercises;
• do breathing exercises;
• communicate with people.
It seems that for copywriters all programmers, just fat and pimple sociopaths who are banal even from a chair do not get up. What is actually useful from the above?

How can a programmer avoid burnout?

On the personal experience of our programmers, we came up with one actually practical and useful advice.
Physical exercise
But what plan? After all, if you think about it, we move every day: a hike from the table to the kitchen, shop and wc. It turns out that exercises are already present. But it turns out not quite so. How to get out of this situation? Gym? Running or maybe something else? It is necessary to do something that will be unusual for you. After all, many people already go to the gym and go for walks, so for them this is not working advice. You need to change the situation! And get out of your comfort zone.
Suppose if you already do the exercises and go to the gym and you still have constant stress. Try replacing a trip on transport to work for a walk! And you will get an amazing result for you. If you are used to using the garbage chute, try going out and throwing garbage in the garbage bins. Often they are located at a distance from apartment buildings / Therefore, you will immediately do two useful things: take out the garbage from the house and take a walk. And vice versa, if you do not attend the gym, go! At least once a week on weekends. It will be a change of scenery for you. You will get a lot of moral pleasure replacing the usual things with new ones.

Burnout Syndrome among Programmers

Upon reflection, we understand that stress is either tiredness from the ordinary fluidity of our lives. Which leads to burnout or a nervous breakdown. As for the rest of the tips about which we wrote above:
1. We are already doing business that we like. After all, if it were not so. Then the “Free Cashier” would have sounded from our lips for a long time.
2. Breathing exercises are applicable both to prevent stress, and in the midst of passions. Proper breathing helps control stress. After all, if we burn out, and then practice at least a dozen breathing exercises, then this will not lead us to a new enthusiasm in work. “They don’t wave their fists after the battle,” as they say.
3. Communicate with people. The advice is controversial since programmers and other freelancers are constantly interacting with society. We go to the store, communicate with the staff. We go out the door, communicate in a minibus and so on. We communicate with clients, work colleagues, friends and just network users (forums, blogs). Yes, maybe this is not the kind of communication that was meant, but in any case it is interaction with society. If you are an avid homebody, then you should think about this moment.
In the end, I would like to wish each programmer to successfully avoid emotional burnout in our hard profession. Well, if you are currently depressed and depressed. In your situation, apply the long-known Six P formula to your situation: “Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.” Have a good rest and start planning your work. We wish you success!

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