What is a SPA application?

What is a SPA application?

In this article, we will answer the following questions: what is SPA in web development? Who needs to use SPA? And also, consider examples of SPA applications.

What is SPA in web development?

Single page application (SPA) & ndash; relatively new beast come from google. One-page application, that is, an application that uses just one html page. This solution allows you to avoid reloading a whole page of a web document. In SPA, a specific area for active information is implemented, and all other parts of the document are not reloaded when updating information. Thus, it is possible to reduce the load on the server by apache requests. Typically, this technology uses ajax technology. That is, all requests to the server or database go through ajax requests.

Js frameworks can also be used: angular, vue. But in this case you need to use the Node.js server. This implementation is not suitable for 30% of known hosting sites in runet. Mostly for such applications I use VDS or cloud hosting.

An advantage of the implementation on js frames is speed, extensibility and a large number of programmers who are able to support such projects.

In the case of building a SPA application, thanks to the PHP (python) + ajax bundle, there is a huge minus & mdash; This is the weight of the application and its extensibility. Typically, this stack is used by backend programmers who unfortunately are dinosaurs and are not able to get acquainted with new js frames.

Who needs to use SPA?

The most logical use of the SPA & ndash; This is a CRM system on the web. This stack will not allow much load on the server and allows you to implement a similar solution on localhost using some system integrator already forgotten by everyone. The essence of this solution is as follows: provide stable power, open ports and install Node.js server.

But, in this case it’s more logical to use cloud hosting and share the API. That will not only use your application from any Internet access point, but also implement, for example, a mobile application for certain employees.

SPA application examples

As for the last question & ndash; examples. That they are always in sight. These are almost all versions of google services that are older than 2016 (latest updates). All other examples can be found everywhere among the solutions on the web.

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